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Two Lancashire Lasses in London (1917)

Two Lancashire Lasses in London (1917)

Two Lancashire Lasses in London was a typical British feature film made during the First World War. The film is lost, at the time of its release it was overshadowed by big American releases and yet a press book has survived that gives us a glimpse of what it was all about.

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Betty Blythe and She (1926)

Clothes, Legs and ‘I’m no Beauty’ – Betty Blythe gets her finger burned

The 1926 adaptation of the Rider Haggard novel She by G.B Samuelson starring the American actress Betty Blythe proved to be a fiasco, ended up in court and, as a result of the ensuing press coverage, provides us with a fascinating insight into the film business of the time.

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Dolly Tree costume design at MGM

The Evolution of a Screen Gown by Dolly Tree at MGM in the 1930s

In the 1930s MGM was regarded as Hollywood’s premier film production company and renowned for the excellence of its costumes and gowns from its two designers Adrian and Dolly Tree and an array of costume makers. How did this incredible team produce such wonderful visions of beauty?

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Woman to Woman (1923)

Woman to Woman (1923)

Graham Cutts’ Woman to Woman (1923) has been regarded as the most ground breaking British film to be released in the 1920s and although the film is lost and cannot be viewed, from the available commentary, reviews and remaining stills it was obviously a lavish and sophisticated production. It was a commercial success both at home and in the USA and launched the careers of three men who would play major roles in the development of British Cinema – Michael Balcon, Victor Savile and Alfred Hitchcock.

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