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Harry Cahill

Harry Cahill was a multi-talented American dancer, female impersonator, singer and composer who became a popular and well-known figure in Paris during the 1920s and because of his achievements was once described as ‘a type of product of the Jazz Age.’

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Val St Cyr and Baroque Ltd

Val St Cyr and Baroque Ltd

Val St Cyr as the house of Baroque was a major force in the dress-designing world of London in the Jazz Age and beyond. Long forgotten and ignored, Val St Cyr’s  work was nevertheless magnificent and was characterized by being original, idiosyncratic, innovative and daring.

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The Flames of Passion (1922)

Flames of Passion (1922)

One of the earliest ground breaking British silent films from Herbert Wilcox and Graham Cutts was The Flames of Passion starring the American actress Mae Marsh and a solid British cast.

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British Couture vs. Paris Couture

British Couture vs. Paris Couture

It has always been accepted that Paris was and still is the centre of haute couture; and that Parisian couturiers were and still are the most artistic and innovative. This is largely true, but what is often not stressed enough is that during the Jazz Age many of the major couturiers active in Paris were British and that London has always been equally at the forefront of fashion, but was simply not as visible.

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