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Restaurant Maxim, London

Restaurant Maxim, London

In a London street, not known for its smartness, shone Restaurant Maxim, a beacon of culinary delight, providing dinners, suppers and dancing all for half a crown in 1914.

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Delmonico Restaurant, New York

Delmonico’s Restaurant, New York

The legendary Delmonico’s restaurant dominated New York society for almost one hundred years from 1824-1923 representing a standard of excellence in food, elegance and service.

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The Parisian Institution of Maxims Restaurant

The Parisian Institution of Maxim’s Restaurant

One of the most important additions to the Parisian landscape in the late Nineteenth Century was the legendary Maxim’s restaurant. It has continued to shine as a beacon of excellence for over a century and has become a symbol of Parisian elegance and chic.

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The Hengler Sisters

The Hengler Sisters

At the turn of the century the Hengler Sisters (May and Flora) were child protegees of society who became stars on both sides of the Atlantic, famous for their singing and dancing act. But gossip suggested that huge bills for their stage dresses and transatlantic fares consumed nearly all they earned. They were one of the first trail-blazing sister acts that would later become such a popular feature of the Jazz Age.

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