The Dolly Sisters in Pictures

The Dolly Sisters in Pictures by Gary Chapman

The glamorous life of the Dolly Sisters as seen in 200 photographic images. Capturing their rise to fame and fortune, from their birth in Budapest, through Jazz Age New York, London, Paris and the Riviera, it reveals their full story in pictures

Cover for the book The Dolly Sisters in Pictures

This visual celebration of-identical twins Jenny and Rosie, depicts their rags-to-riches life story where nature’s duplicity enabled a highly successful career as dancers, making them ‘stars’. As the Dolly Sisters they became legends in their own time and epitomized the freneticism of the Jazz Age.

Born in Budapest they moved to New York at an early age and began making their living as entertainers to help make ends meet. From their humble origins they danced their way to Broadway before conquering London and Paris. Although they were not the first sister act to appear on the stage, they were certainly the most famous and paved the way for so many later duos and trios that proliferated in their wake. Even the Gabor sisters followed in the Dollies dainty footsteps.

Earning incredible salaries and having the benefit of wealthy admirers, the Dollies invested in property and vast collections of jewellry and ‘behung with baubles like a couple of Christmas trees’ became recognised as the most extravagant gamblers in Europe. Living close to the rhythm of the time the Dollies were adept at always being in the right time at the right place with the right people, which maximised their success. 

Their lives mirrored high society, on both sides of the Atlantic, and provides a fascinating glimpse of this privileged world that was eventually swept away by the Second World War. But, lurking behind the stories of millionaires, love and sisterly devotion – is another of rivalry, duplicity and tragedy.


  • Features over 200 rare photographs largely from the author’s collection.
  • The Dolly Sisters were Icons of the 1920s.
  • A rags-to-riches tale with drama, gossip and tragedy.
  • A fascinating glimpse of high society in America and Europe, evoking an era of glamour swept away by World War 2.

About the Author

Gary Chapman has always been fascinated by the 1920s and the Jazz Age, and his degree in archaeology left him with a passion for uncovering the truth about his subjects. After living and working for many years in London, Gary now lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. He is fortunate in being able to pursue his various passions – publishing, marketing books, writing, the Jazz Age and cake decorating.










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