The Dolly Sisters biography out now in paperback and e-books

The Dolly Sisters : Icons of the Jazz Age

The rags to riches story of identical twins Jenny and Rosie is set against the glittering backdrop of high society in America and Europe before the onset of the Second World War. They had a colourful life where nature’s duplicity enabled a highly successful career as dancers which made them ‘stars’. And yet, lurking behind their glamorous story of fame, fortune, mistaken identity, millionaires, love and sisterly devotion – that made them legends – is another of rivalry, duplicity and tragedy.

The Dolly Sisters is a dizzying cocktail of delight, extravagance and pathos. Teeming with fantastic and fascinating stories from the Jazz Age of the twenties and thirties, it tells a true story every bit as dramatic and engrossing as the best fiction and includes sections on Jenny’s ‘liaisons’ with David Prince of Wales and Mr Selfridge – now the subject of a glamorous TV series.

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A revised edition of my biography about the glamorous Dolly Sisters with many more photographs is now ready in paperback and ebook versions.The e-book versions and the paperback are now live and available from: e-book

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Praise for The Dolly Sisters (published in Hardback as The Delectable Dollies)

‘They seduced tycoons, Kings and even the Prince of Wales with their exotic dance routines. But… the Dolly Sisters’ quest for fame and fortune had devastating consequences.’ Daily Mail

‘Forget Kylie Minogue for pure unadultrated glamour because two sisters held that crown before she shook her derriere at audiences around the World.’ Sunday Express

‘The Queens of Twenties and Thirties cafe society, with more diamante than you could shake a feather at.’ Tatler

‘A potent cocktail given due weight in Chapman’s effervescent biography.’ The Good Book Guide

‘A well-researched, informative biography.’ Gay Times

‘A labour of love…. Chapman is scrupulous in not presenting speculation as fact… By not probing too deeply, (he) is at least consonant with the period, for the Dollies inhabited a curiously innocent, pre-freudian world.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘A thoroughly researched story of the beautiful twenties twins, as remarkable for their social as their theatrical life.’ The Stage

‘Jenny and Rosie outshone everyone in exuberance and high living. If celebrity is a devalued currency these days, then they were the gold standard. But their glittering lives also reflect the potentially tragic nature of the pursuit of fame and fortune.’ Daily Mail

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