The Dolly Sisters

Dolly Sisters and Mr Selfridge

The Dolly Sisters and Mr Selfridge

More interesting commentary about the Dolly Sisters and Mr Selfridge, in advance of the last series of the ITV show, Mr Selfridge is unveiled this time from the Daily Star.

We all know that TV drama is not true to life but why oh why do they continue to insist that certain things are true when they are clearly not? Once again Harry Selfridge did not have an affair with both sisters. He did not have ‘a fling’ with Rosie (she was engaged to a prominent French socialite when they met) but was madly in love with Jenny.

As the author of the only biography about the Dolly Sisters, I was mildy relieved that one of the actresses Zoe Richards, who plays Jenny, said: ‘I really hope viewers don’t hate The Dollies. I want them to like us.’

However, I will reserve my judgement about her comment ‘We spice things up and I think we’ve done an accurate portrayal of them.’ Let’s wait and see. But for starters they were identical twins and the actresses portraying them are not related and they were not blonde. So I fear we are on the wrong footing already. I wonder if they read my book?

Simply put, if you are interested in the truth, buy my biography about the Dolly Sisters, simply titled The Dolly Sisters, to get the full and true story or revel in their story as told in The Dolly Sisters in Pictures.

The Dolly Sisters: Icons of the Jazz Age book coverDolly Sisters in Pictures book cover


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  1. I don’t understand why the Dolly Sisters were made to wear those horrible blonde wigs with marcel waves in the Mr Selfridge series. In reality they had lovely dark shiny hair cut in smooth bobs.

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