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Kathleen Zammit and Fidy Grube

Zammit and Grube were a German dancing team who specialised in arty acrobatics. They thrived for about 10 years from 1925 to 1935 and although originating in Germany and in particular Berlin, they travelled all over Europe and even the Near East and performed in Paris, London, Istanbul, Cairo, Dresden, Munich, Vienna, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Stockholm. 

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The Magic of The Windmill Man

The Magic of The Windmill Man

At Christmas, traditional pantomime ruled theatres nationwide, but some interesting and curious Christmas fairy plays also emerged after the turn of the century including such delights as Peter Pan, Where the Rainbow Ends, The Blue Bird and Make Believe. Another big success was the charming production of The Windmill Man, which at its heart was a quaint moral tale condeming selfishness. Produced by the actor Bert Coote it was given its first performance on 26th December 1921 at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

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