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Valia (1899-1993)

Her philosophy of life was simple ‘you know… I am really a fatalist at heart – I live for today. Tomorrow can look after itself.’ Picturegoer July 1923

Christened the British Barbara Le Marr, Valia was somewhat type-cast as ‘the charming movie vamp’ which was in stark contrast to her real personality. Valia starred in numerous melodramas in just a three-year period from 1921, but made a big splash and was highly regarded, before marrying an American millionaire and deserting the screen forever in 1924. 

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The Fox Picture Fig Leaves, 1926

This splendid advertising card was created to advertise the 1926 Fox picture Fig Leaves that was screened at the Capitol Theatre in the Haymarket, London in October 1926, along with a stage fashion show provided by the department store Stagg and Russell in Leicester Square.

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