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La Vie Parisienne: The 513 Art Deco Covers of the Twenties

La Vie Parisienne: The 513 Art Deco Covers of the Twenties by Angelo Luerti

Another superb, full-colour book by Angelo Luerti. This is ultimately a book of pictures: a celebration of the glorious covers of La Vie Parisienne from the Jazz Age of the 1920s; the decade that would be remembered for the exhilarating cosmopolitan, worldly and liberal atmosphere of Paris.

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Gladys Spencer Curling

In my opinion one of the most striking contributions to the extraordinary 1927 book The Robes of Thespis, were a series of drawings – classed as costume designs – by the artist Gladys Spencer Curling. She appeared to have a brief flurry of recognition and success in the late 1920s and designed the costumes and decor for several Anton Colin ballets but then faded from view.

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Hugh Willoughby

The British artist Hugh Willoughby rose to prominence in the new wave of costume designers and illustrators that emerged after the First World War during the Jazz Age. He made a name for himself in London and Paris before moving to the USA in the mid 1920s.

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