Marcelle de Saint Martin and British silent film


French born Marcelle De Saint Martin, became the first true head of a cohesive costume or wardrobe department for a British film studio beginning work at the Islington film Studio in the early 1920s.

A creative, talented and a striking beauty she had found great success designing costumes for the stage in London at the end of the First World War before joining Famous Players Lasky British Producers Ltd at their brand new American built and financed enterprise in a converted power station. And yet, her career as a designer for British silent film was sadly all too brief and short-lived.

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Marcelle de St Martin

Marcelle de St Martin


Sketches by Marcelle de St Martin for one of the early Famous Player's Lasky films (early 1920s)

Sketches by Marcelle de St Martin for one of the early Famous Player’s Lasky films (early 1920s)












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