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Marcelle de Saint Martin and British silent film

  French born Marcelle De Saint Martin, became the first true head of a cohesive costume or wardrobe department for a British film studio beginning work at the Islington film Studio in the early 1920s. A creative, talented and a striking beauty she had found great success designing costumes for the stage in London at the end of the First World War before joining Famous Players Lasky British Producers Ltd at their brand new American built and financed enterprise in a converted power station. And yet, her career as a designer for British silent film was sadly all too brief and short-lived.  Read her full story here   [caption id="attachment_3654" align="alignleft" width="184"]Marcelle de St Martin
Marcelle de St Martin[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_3651" align="alignleft" width="300"]Sketches by Marcelle de St Martin for one of the early Famous Player's Lasky films (early 1920s)
Sketches by Marcelle de St Martin for one of the early Famous Player's Lasky films (early 1920s)[/caption]                         London’s Hollywood: The Gainsborough Studio in the Silent Years  Published 15th July 2014 A detailed look at the British Silent Film industry with this first ever evaluation of the history, output and achievement of the most iconic film studio in England during the silent era.  Available in the following formats: Hardback, £27, ISBN 9781909230132 Paperback, £14.99, 
ISBN 9781909230101 From From Amazon Kindle ebook, £8.99, 

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ISBN 9781909230118 (Through Apple / iTunes – search for title on iTunes bookstore)

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The School For Scandal (1923)

The School For Scandal (1923)

A surprising British feature film released in 1923 was Bertram Phillips' The School For Scandal starring Queenie Thomas based on a well-known British stage play by Richard Sheridan. (more…)

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The Million Dollar Dollies (1918)

The Million Dollar Dollies (1918)

Produced by Emerald Pictures and distributed by Metro, The Million Dollar Dollies, was the first and only film that the Dolly Sisters appeared in together. It was released in early 1918 in the USA but did not surface in the UK until 1920. (more…)

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Paddy the Next Best Thing (1923)

Herbert’s Wilcox’s second film with Mae Marsh, following The Flames of Passion, was Paddy the Next Best Thing, a romantic drama about a young tomboy and her growing love for a rich landowner set in Ireland and London, once again directed by Graham Cutts. (more…)

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The Flames of Passion (1922)

Flames of Passion (1922)

One of the earliest ground breaking British silent films from Herbert Wilcox and Graham Cutts was The Flames of Passion starring the American actress Mae Marsh and a solid British cast. (more…)

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The White Shadow (1924)

The White Shadow (1924)

Part of a two-picture deal starring the American actress Betty Compson, The White Shadow (1924) was the second picture from British director Graham Cutts, following in the footsteps of the highly successful Woman to Woman (1923). (more…)

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The White Shadow, a British Silent film from 1924 found in part

It would appear that several reels of the 1924 silent movie The White Shadow, starring Betty Compson have been found in New Zealand. (more…)

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Clothes, Legs and ‘I’m no Beauty’ – Betty Blythe gets her finger burned

The 1926 adaptation of the Rider Haggard novel She by G.B Samuelson starring the American actress Betty Blythe proved to be a fiasco, ended up in court and, as a result of the ensuing press coverage, provides us with a fascinating insight into the film business of the time. (more…)

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