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The Dolly Sisters Biography

The Dolly Sisters Biography

The Dolly Sisters: Icons of the Jazz Age
DS NEW COVER copy 3 A revised edition of my biography about the glamorous Dolly Sisters with many more photographs is now ready in paperback and ebook versions.  Check out the webpage for the book here The e-book versions and the paperback are now live and available from: e-book paperback (from marketplace sellers on e-book paperback (from marketplace sellers on Apple i-tunes e-book (search for the title) Praise for The Delectable Dollies (published in hardback, 2006) ‘They seduced tycoons, Kings and even the Prince of Wales with their exotic dance routines. But… the Dolly Sisters’ quest for fame and fortune had devastating consequences.’ Daily Mail ‘Forget Kylie Minogue for pure unadulterated glamour because two sisters held that crown before she shook her derriere at audiences around the World.’ Sunday Express ‘The Queens of Twenties and Thirties cafe society, with more diamante than you could shake a feather at.’ Tatler ‘A potent cocktail given due weight in Chapman’s effervescent biography.’ The Good Book Guide ‘A well-researched, informative biography.’ Gay Times ‘A captivating cocktail of Hollywood glamour, sisterly devotion and personal tragedy.’ The Bookseller ‘A labour of love…. Chapman is scrupulous in not presenting speculation as fact… By not probing too deeply, (he) is at least consonant with the period, for the Dollies inhabited a curiously innocent, pre-freudian world.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘A thoroughly researched story of the beautiful twenties twins, as remarkable for their social as their theatrical life.’ The Stage ‘Jenny and Rosie outshone everyone in exuberance and high living. If celebrity is a devalued currency these days, then they were the gold standard. But their glittering lives also reflect the potentially tragic nature of the pursuit of fame and fortune.’ Daily Mail

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The Elegant Goode Sisters

The Elegant Goode Sisters

The Goode sisters (Cynthia and Iris) were a glamorous dancing act that became well known in Paris and other continental resorts in the early 1920s. My interest was piqued because Cynthia Goode seemingly became a life-long friend of the costume designer Dolly Tree about whom I am writing a biography. (more…)

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The Ambassadeurs Show 1929

The fourth Ambassadeurs show in Paris was presented by Edmund Sayag in the summer of 1929 with a vaguely oriental but again distinctively American content. (more…)

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The Ambassadeurs Show 1928

The third Ambassadeurs show presented by Edmund Sayag in the summer of 1928 was simply called ‘Vingt-huit’ and once again featured a largely American cast in what was called a ‘record monster programme.’ (more…)

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The Elegance of Roseray and Capella

Roseray and Capella were one of the most famous French dancing acts of the Jazz Age. Not only were they accomplished acrobatic and adagio dancers but they were also extremely elegant and beautiful if somewhat audacious in terms of the brevity of their costuming which some thought rather salacious. Indeed, if the gossip about them being mother and son were true, it was an extraordinary act. (more…)

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Charles Gesmar by Angelo Luerti

Charles Ges(i)mar, simply known as Gesmar, was one of the greatest designers of costumes and posters during the golden age of the Paris music hall during the Jazz Age and was primarily renowned for his work for the great Parisian star Mistinguett. Although his tenure was short, his output was prolific and his creativity and talent unrivalled. (more…)

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