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Dolly Tree: A Dream of Beauty

Dolly Tree: A Dream of Beauty by Gary Chapman

A long lost artistic genius of the Jazz Age, Dolly Tree was famous on both sides of the Atlantic, for her extravagant creations that appeared in stage shows, cabaret, couture and film in the glamorous 1920s and 1930s. It is now time for her to be reclaimed as one of the great British dress-designers of the 20th century

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The Gaby Doll Scene

The Gaby Doll Scene

Recently Doreen Marshall sent me a photo and message on my Jazz Age Club Facebook page of a 1920s Gaby Doll and box. It certainly piqued my interest because it was a representation of a scene from the Folies Bergere in 1923 with the costume designed by Dolly Tree.

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About us

Gary Chapman is the creator behind the Jazz Age Club.

Gary is a marketing professional who has had varied experience in all aspects of marketing, event planning, PR and online digital exposure. He worked in the book publishing industry for over thirty years focused primarily on non-fiction titles and in various marketing capacities for such companies as Pan Books, Merehurst, Charles Letts, Constable & Robinson, Sutton and The History Press.

Gary Chapman
Gary Chapman











In the early 1990s he became fascinated by sugarcraft and cake decorating, invented the technique for recreating fabric out of sugar, wrote books and gave classes in the UK, South Africa, USA and New Zealand and launched the first ever mass market cake decorating magazine.

Gary Chapman with some of his cake creations
Gary Chapman with some of his cake creations










Gary also has an enduring fascination with the Jazz Age and has been an avid collector of ephemera from the inter-war years, focused largely on fashion, cabaret, silent film, music-hall, dance, theatre and costume design. He has become an expert on 1920s culture and nightlife.

Illustration of the Dolly Sisters by Zig for a promotional leaflet for Paris - New York, Casino de Paris, 1927
Illustration of the Dolly Sisters by Zig for a promotional leaflet for Paris – New York, Casino de Paris, 1927










In the Spring of 2010 Gary launched the Jazz Age Club website. ‘I have had a passion about the Jazz Age of the 1920s and 1930s for a long time, especially anything relating to film, stage, cabaret, fashion and art. I wanted to introduce new topics and views not explored elsewhere to bring the period alive in a more diverse way instead of just focusing on the usual suspects such as Al Capone, Fitzgerald, the Bright Young Things and fancy dress parties. Although my main focus is about art, culture and entertainment, the website is intended to become a central resource and open forum for all news, views, reviews and stories about anything relating to the period of the 20s and 30s but in reality will span 1900-1940 which can loosely be described as the Jazz Age. It will also be international in flavour covering both American and European subjects.’

Logo and advertising for The Jazz Age Club
Logo and advertising for The Jazz Age Club














In early 2011, the Jazz Age Club joined the Mary Evans Picture Library (www.maryevans.com), the UK’s leading source for historical imagery. All visual material owned by the Jazz Age Club is now being uploaded for commercial re-use via the Mary Evans Picture Library as the Jazz Age Club Collection.

In 2006 he moved from London to the Cotswolds and his biography about the Dolly Sisters, The Delectable Dollies: Icons of the Jazz Agewas published.  After setting up Edditt Publishing in 2012 he has republished The Dolly Sisters and published London’s Hollywood: The Gainsborough Studio in the Silent Years, Dolly Tree: A Dream of Beauty and The Rocky Twins: Norway’s Outrageous Jazz Age Beauties. He also wrote Retro Paris for New Holland Publishers.

He is currently working on various other book projects all with a 1920s theme.

Logo for Edditt Publishing
Logo for Edditt Publishing










Books from Edditt Publishing by Gary Chapman
Books from Edditt Publishing by Gary Chapman












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The Magnificent Renee Harris

Renée Harris (1876-1969), professionally known as Mrs. Henry B. Harris, escaped the Titanic disaster to become Broadway’s first woman producer during the Jazz Age. One of the best-known survivors of the 1912 sinking, her life and work have never been examined until now with the publication of Broadway Dame by Randy Bigham and Gregg Jasper.

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Murray’s Cabaret Club by Benjamin Levy

It is not often that a book like this comes along – a glowing pictorial history of one of London’s major nightclubs in the 20th century – so this is a gem. Beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated, Levy takes us through the genesis of Murray’s Cabaret Club that was situated at 16-18 Beak Street under the aegis of Percival Murray from the early 1930s through to the 1960s.

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