The costume designer Gene Boshko

Gene Boshko   A while ago I acquired a few delightful costume sketches sighed ‘Gene’ and dating from the 1920s. Further research has revealed that the artist was named Gene Boshko – but who was Gene? ‘Gene’ or Gene Boshko, was living in America and must have created these costume sketches for a purpose. One […]

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Who was Gertrude Johnson?

Who was Gertrude Johnson? A few years ago a batch of rather delightful costume designs were sold on ebay all drawn, and many signed, by the rather enigmatic Gertrude A. Johnson. But who was Gertrude Johnson? Since the drawings come from America one can deduce that she was American and the distinctive style of her […]

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Charles Gesmar

Charles Gesmar by Angelo Luerti Charles Ges(i)mar, simply known as Gesmar, was one of the greatest designers of costumes and posters during the golden age of the Paris music hall during the Jazz Age and was primarily renowned for his work for the great Parisian star Mistinguett. Although his tenure was short, his output was […]

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Hugh Willoughby

Hugh Willoughby The British artist Hugh Willoughby rose to prominence in the new wave of costume designers and illustrators that emerged after the First World War during the Jazz Age. He made a name for himself in London and Paris before moving to the USA in the mid 1920s.

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Einer Nerman

Einer Nerman The artist simply known as Nerman rose to stardom creating charming caricatures of theatrical and musical celebrities in the Jazz Age of the 1920s and Hollywood stars in the 1930s. But Einer Nerman also did much advertising work, book illustration and was an accomplished painter.

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Dolly Tree illustrations

Dolly Tree’s Jazz Age illustrations Before she became an international renowned costume designer for stage and screen in the early 1920s, Dolly Tree excelled as an illustrator.

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Who was Bergere Oscar Perrault?

Who was Bergere Oscar Perrault? I was fortunate in being able to buy some delightful Jazz Age sketches of women in 1920s fashions signed by an artist called Bergere Oscar Perrault. But who was he and what were these drawings created for?

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The Art of Betty Craig

The Art of Betty Craig (Elizabeth Edmonstone Craig) The multi-named Elizabeth Edmonstone Craig painted under the name of Betty Craig and performed in opera as Signora Maria Nelvi and seemingly made a name for herself during the Jazz Age in the 1920s and early 1930s.

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