The Dodge Twins

The Dodge Twins Known in the USA and Europe during the Jazz Age as ‘the two birds of Paradise’, the Dodge Twins sang, danced and dressed as birds and whistled. They seemingly emerged out of nowhere in the mid-20s with a singing and dancing act that took Europe by storm. Beth and Betty Dodge were […]

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The Elegance of Roseray and Capella

The Elegance of Roseray and Capella Roseray and Capella were one of the most famous French dancing acts of the Jazz Age. Not only were they accomplished acrobatic and adagio dancers but they were also extremely elegant and beautiful if somewhat audacious in terms of the brevity of their costuming which some thought rather salacious. […]

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The Lorraine Sisters

The Lorraine Sisters The Lorraine Sisters (Edna and Della) were a glamorous American sister act in the Jazz Age, who started off in vaudeville in America but swiftly found fame in Europe in the 1920s.

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Fowler and Tamara

Fowler and Tamara Addison Fowler and Florenz Tamara were undoubtedly one of America’s leading exponents of ballroom dancing in the mid 1920s through the early 1930s. Although they had an extensive repertoire it was Spanish themed dances that made their name and the fact that they looked good and had a great knack of wearing […]

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Moss and Fontana

Moss and Fontana Marjorie Moss and Georges Fontana were the most graceful and sought after British dancing duo in the Jazz Age. They secured high praise in London and Paris in the 1920s before conquering New York in the late 1920s and were regarded by some as ‘the greatest pair of dancers since the Vernon […]

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The Hengler Sisters

The Hengler Sisters At the turn of the century the Hengler Sisters (May and Flora) were child protegees of society who became stars on both sides of the Atlantic, famous for their singing and dancing act. But gossip suggested that huge bills for their stage dresses and transatlantic fares consumed nearly all they earned. They […]

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The Outrageous Rocky Twins

The Outrageous Rocky Twins The Rocky Twins were deliciously handsome, outrageous and lived life to the full but never maximized their obvious talent and so never really attained star status. They were a pair of Norwegian brothers who made a name for themselves in the Jazz Age as dancers in the Paris music hall in […]

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