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The London Casino

The Prince Edward Theatre on Old Compton Street, named after Edward Prince of Wales, opened on the 3rd April 1930 on the site of a drapers business called The Emporium. The area was soon to be known as London’s Quarter Latin now simply Soho and the venue later became The London Casino. The exterior was in the style of an Italian Palace, and the foyer pure art deco. The auditorium was on two levels (stalls and dress circle) and seated 1,650. From its inception the shows staged (Rio Rita, Nippy, Fanfare) did not do well and even an appearance of the famous Parisian music hall star Josephine Baker failed to click. After the pantomime Aladdin the theatre was forced to close in January 1935. (more…)

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The French Casino

In December 1934, the refurbished Earl Carroll Theatre located on the south-east corner of 7th Ave and 50th Street, New York City, opened as the French Casino. This glittering supper club was described by Fortune magazine as ‘a vast scarlet and silver restaurant which, in terraced rows of tables, seats fifteen hundred people without any crowding.’ For a short three year period it became the unrivalled premier nightspot in New York. (more…)

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The Kursaal Pleasure Palace, Ostende

One of the premier locations in Europe in the 1920s and the show piece of Ostende was the magnificently appointed Kursaal entertainment complex. (more…)

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Poccardi Restaurant, Paris

Poccardi’s was a Parisian institution and, at one time, the most famous Italian restaurant in Paris. (more…)

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Grand Casino Aix le Bains

The Grand Casino Aix Le Bains was an elegant and architecturally magnificent monument comprising a labyrinth of rooms dedicated to entertainment and pleasure also called The Grand Cercle Aix Le Bains (more…)

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The Villa des Fleurs Aix Le Bains

Grand Casino of the Villa des Fleurs at Aix-Le-Bains.

The Villa des Fleurs was a stunning entertainment complex set in beautiful gardens that made it one of the most fashionable places in Europe during the 1920s. (more…)

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Delmonico’s Restaurant, New York

The legendary Delmonico’s restaurant dominated New York society for almost one hundred years from 1824-1923 representing a standard of excellence in food, elegance and service. (more…)

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The Parisian Institution of Maxim’s Restaurant

One of the most important additions to the Parisian landscape in the late Nineteenth Century was the legendary Maxim’s restaurant. It has continued to shine as a beacon of excellence for over a century and has become a symbol of Parisian elegance and chic. (more…)

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Murray’s River Club: A Rendezvous of Ragtime and Romance

The American Jack May was instrumental in developing the nightclub scene in London shortly before the First World War and famously opened the legendary Murray’s Club in Beak Street in 1913. At about the same time, or shortly afterward. he opened a summer resort - Murray's River Club - at Maidenhead that became the playground for the rich and famous. (more…)

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The Magnificent Murray’s Roman Gardens, New York

The eight-storey edifice that was Murray’s Roman Gardens in New York created by John L. Murray, could be described as the first themed restaurant and certainly it became one of the city’s most famous eateries. (more…)

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